Solesta Treatment

Solesta - A Next Step Therapy Treatment

A quick, nonsurgical outpatient procedure1

Solesta is given through 4 injections into the wall of the anal canal. The injections bulk up the tissue in the anal canal, providing more control of bowel movements.

  • The Solesta treatment procedure is administered in your doctor’s office and takes about 10 minutes1

  • No anesthesia is required1

Solesta has minimal post-procedure impact on patients1

  • You may resume limited physical activity immediately after the procedure1

  • You can resume a normal lifestyle and engage in all physical activities after 1 week1

  • Solesta may begin working soon after the procedure, with dramatic improvements as early as 3 months for many patients2

  • The effectiveness of Solesta continues over time. In the pivotal study, Solesta’s durability was studied over 3 years and proven effective




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