How Solesta Can Help

Take Control with Solesta

Tired of having accidents? Ask your doctor about Solesta. 

Solesta is a quick, nonsurgical treatment for the loss of bowel control, also known as bowel incontinence, or fecal incontinence (FI). Bowel incontinence is more common than you may think. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer every day from accidents and leaks.1 But Solesta can help. Treatment occurs in your doctor’s office and is proven to help significantly reduce accidents.2

Solesta is for people who have not had relief from

  • Changes in diet

  • Exercise

  • Drugs that soften the stool

  • Drugs meant to slow down the digestive process

  • Biofeedback

Solesta is a treatment option after simple methods, therapies or other treatments have failed, but before you consider undergoing surgery.




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