How Solesta Works

How does Solesta work?

Solesta has been proven to significantly reduce accidents and help patients achieve a better quality of life.1 

Studies have shown that Solesta can help patients return to a more active lifestyle (socializing, going to work, etc.), and reduce overall depression and embarrassment associated with their bowel control problems.2

Solesta is made of material with an established safety profile

Solesta is a gel composed of two naturally occurring sugars, dextranomer and hyaluronic acid (HA), that are similar to the natural starches, sugars and tissues in your body. 

The HA in Solesta has been used in more than 40 million procedures worldwide, often as a dermal filler for wrinkle correction.1

The Solesta Treatment

The Solesta treatment is a quick, nonsurgical approach administered by your doctor to improve the bulk and thickness of the anal walls.1 

It is given through 4 nonpainful injections into the wall of the anal canal. The injections bulk up the tissue in the anal canal, providing more control of bowel movements. Since the injections are well tolerated by most patients, anesthesia is not necessary.1




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