Fewer Accidents

More Control and Enhanced Living

Controlling Bowel Incontinence is possible.

Solesta demonstrated a dramatic reduction in fecal incontinence accidents1

Solesta has been tested in several studies with hundreds of patients followed for up to 3 years.1 In those studies, patients had better control of their bowel movements, fewer leaks, and more days without accidents.1 One or two treatments have been shown to last for at least three years.1 

In the clinical studies, patients receiving Solesta experienced

  • Fewer accidents in as little as 3 months2

  • Long-lasting improvement1

  • More accident-free days

Solesta is an effective treatment that offers hope to many people with accidental bowel leakage.

Taking control of your daily life is possible

Accidents can limit your daily activities but reducing them can help you gain control over your condition and improve your quality of life.1 




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