How is Solesta supplied?

How is Solesta supplied?

Each carton of Solesta contains:1

  • Four pouches with 1-mL prefilled glass syringes with a Luer-lock fitting

  • Syringe is equipped with a plunger stopper; a plunger rod and a finger grip

  • Four sterile needles (SteriJect® 21G x 4¾ inches, 0.80 x 120 mm)

  • Patient record labels

  • Package insert

Syringe Preparation

  • One sterile needle should be used per syringe and injection1

  • Assemble all four syringes before procedure, under aseptic conditions1

  • For the safe use of Solesta, it is important that the needles be properly assembled and tightly fastened to each syringe


To avoid any interruption in patient treatment or the need to repeat a procedure because of leakage, or accidental contamination or damage of a syringe, it is recommended that extra Solesta cartons be kept in inventory.1



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