Administering Solesta

Administering Solesta

A quick, Simple nonsurgical outpatient procedure1

  • Administration takes approximately 10 minutes1

  • No anesthesia is required1

  • Injected via simple anoscopy1

Patient Preparation1

  • Adequate bowel preparation of the rectum using enema is required prior to injection. The enema should be given immediately prior to the procedure to ensure evacuation of the anorectum

  • Use of prophylactic antibiotics is recommended

  • Additional cleansing of the injection area with an antiseptic may be performed prior to injection

Syringe Preparation1

  • One sterile needle should be used per syringe and injection1

  • Assemble all four syringes before procedure, under aseptic conditions

  • Thumb and forefinger should be held firmly around the Luer-lock adapter on the glass syringe

  • DO NOT attach the needle by holding onto the glass barrel of the syringe

  • Firmly push and rotate needle hub into the Luer-lock adapter as illustrated in Figure 1

Key Points to Remember About the Solesta Procedure1

  • The needle should be inserted with the bevel facing toward the lumen

  • The length of the bevel is 2 mm. Once it is no longer in view, it should be inserted an additional 3 mm into the submucosal layer for a total insertion of 5 mm

  • Solesta should be injected slowly to avoid undue stress on the Luer-lock connection which could cause leakage of the gel

  • After injection of Solesta, hold the needle at the injection site for an additional 15-30 seconds to minimize leakage of Solesta

  • A bulge may or may not form after injection. This will not determine efficacy either way

  • The Solesta implant is stable, remains in position, and does not disappear over time2

Solesta has minimal post procedure impact on patients1

  • Patients may resume limited physical activity immediately

  • Solesta is unlikely to impede future procedures

  • Patients are able to resume a normal lifestyle and engage in all physical activities after one week (e.g. jogging, bicycling, horseback riding, sexual intercourse, etc.)

  • Learn more about the safety and tolerability of Solesta

Solesta must not be injected intravascularly as injection into blood vessels may cause vascular occlusion. Injection in the midline of the anterior wall of the rectum should be avoided in men with an enlarged prostate.1

Solesta Pearls with Dr. Bernstein



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